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Rules for Conduct of Virtual 341 Meetings

1. Speak clearly and limit all background noise while your meeting is being held.

Debtors unable to access the meeting should contact their attorneys as to how to proceed.

2. Only debtors and their counsel as well as creditors or interested parties will be allowed during the meeting, i.e., no “moral support” or supplementary answers to be provided by friends or family.

3. If a represented debtor is on the meeting without counsel, the meeting will be continued.

4. All parties appearing on video must be appropriately dressed-proper coverage and no apparel with inappropriate language or inflammatory statements.

5. THE DEBTOR AND COUNSEL MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN A 341 FROM A VEHICLE, MOVING OR OTHERWISE. Both must be in a physical room without noise or other distractions.

6. Failure to abide by these rules may result in rescheduling of the 341 meeting to be held on an in person basis in the sole discretion of the trustee.