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Loan Modification Management Facilitator Application

Thursday, June 2, 2022

The U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator for the Eastern District of North Carolina is seeking applications from qualified individuals to serve as a Facilitator in the District’s Loan Modification Management (“LMM”) Program. Qualified individuals will have the following characteristics:

  • an independent, nonpartisan attorney, licensed to practice law in North Carolina and admitted to the applicable district, who has demonstrable skill and experience in consumer bankruptcy loss mitigation and who can assist the bankruptcy court with facilitating compliance by the parties with the LMM;
  • experience in the practice of consumer bankruptcy in the applicable district, as an attorney representing consumer debtors, mortgage servicers, or as a trustee;
  • a knowledge of the forms and supporting documents required by Creditors to complete a loss mitigation analysis;
  • an understanding of the various loss mitigation programs offered by Creditors and the terms of their availability to Debtors;
  • the ability to accept electronic payment for the Facilitator fees;
  • competence in computer technology and use of the LMM Portal; and,
  • sufficient staff dedicated to the LMM to ensure oversight of submission of documents to the Portal by the Required Parties and compliances with these procedures.

The LMM Program is designed to function as a forum for debtors in a pending chapter 13 case and creditors to reach a consensual resolution when a debtor’s property is at risk of foreclosure. The goal of the LMM Program is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information in a confidential setting under the supervision of the Court. Facilitators are compensated at a rate of $500.00 per case assigned. The Facilitator’s fee is split 50/50 by the Debtor and Creditor. Additional information about the LMM Program can be found here.

Individuals interested in serving as an LMM Facilitator must submit BA Form LMM-1 via email to  Submission of an application does not guarantee inclusion within the list of approved Facilitators. If an applicant is not immediately selected for inclusion on the list of approved Facilitators, their application will be kept on file for future consideration in the event additional Facilitators are needed.